What is research? Methodological practices and new approaches

This book is about the practices and experiences of doing contemporary research in the social sciences and in related professions. Written in a personal and easy-to-read English, it is for people beginning to do research or wanting to change the ways they research and write. Jeanette Rhedding-Jones explains different ways of doing research, as these link to critical issues researchers decide take up, and to what drives research inquiries. With personal examples and a conversational style, she deals with both the difficult matters of doing theorized research and the politics of getting published.

The chapters are about research and self, professions, disciplines, theory, inquiry, methodology, ethics, gender, ethnic diversity and postmodernity. The last two chapters are about research writing and publishing. This book will be a key text for research methodology courses in the social sciences and the professions. As a companion text to more traditionally written books, What is Research? opens doors for readers needing new directions.

Jeanette Rhedding-Jones is Professor of Early Childhood Education at Oslo University College. She has ten years experience teaching research methodology and theories of knowledge and practice to professionals in education fields.
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Rhedding-Jones, Jeanette
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