Om arrangementet


Arrangementet ble avviklet som et kombinert forskerkurs og forskerkonferanse.

Det var 52 deltakare, hvorav 34 doktorgradsstudenter. Det internasjonale kurset ble gjennomført med deltakere fra 12 forskjellige land.

Prosjektleder: Merete Lie, NTNU

Støttebeløp: 100.000 kroner

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Gender, Science and Technology

Workshop and doctoral course May 21 - 24, 2003 in Trondheim

Wednesday May 21

1300   Opening of the conference. Professor Rigmor Austgulen, NTNU

1315   Welcome and introduction: Gender, science and technology. Where have we come from, where are we now? Merete Lie (NTNU Trondheim)

1400  Exploring new questions of gender, race and ethnicity in science and technology
studies. Adele Clarke (University of California in San Francisco, USA)


1530   The gendered truth, pleasure and horror regimes of medical photography: the films of science photographer Lennart Nilsson. Nina Lykke. (University of Linköping, Sweden)

Thursday May 22: Gender in the Information Society

0900   Technology and In/Equality. Questioning the Information Society. Sally Wyatt (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

1030   Renegotiating expertise. Women's health organizations as designers and knowledge providers on the Intemet. Nelly Oudshoorn (University of Twente, the Netherlands, and NTNU Trondheim, Norway)

1130   The cyborg metaphor and the construction of differences and disabilities. Ingunn Moser (University of Oslo, Norway)


1400   Parallel paper sessions 

1600   Parallel paper sessions

Friday May 23: Gender, Genes and New Biotechnologies 

0900   Designer embryos: genetics, reproduction and gender. Celia Roberts (University of Lancaster, UK)


1030   Gender and the Human Genome Project. Joan Fujimura (University of Wisconsin, USA)

1130   Discussion

1330   Parallel paper sessions

1600   Parallel sessions

Saturday May 24: Reflections and Explorations 

0900   How to make gender visible in studies of new genetics? Ann Saetnan (NTNU, Trondheim, Norway)

0930   How to make gender visible in studies of ICTs? Wendy Faulkner (University of Edinburgh, UK)

1000   The "co-construction-of-gender-and-technology" revisited. Anne-Jorunn Berg (NTNU, Norway) 

1100   What have we learned? Summary of the debates of the conference and questions for the panel discussion. Jane Summerton (University of Linköping, Sweden)

1130   Panel discussion with Knut H. Sørensen, Wendy Faulkner, Anne-Jorunn Berg, Berit Schei (Faculty of medicine, NTNU) . Chair: Jane Summerton

Programme for paper presentations 

20 minutes for presentation and 15 minutes for discussion of each paper

Parallel session I

Chairs: Sally Wyatt and Anne-Jorunn Berg


Turid Markussen: Situated ethics in poststructuralist research 

Agneta Broos: Gender and the digital divide: ICT exclusion among adolescents

Helen Jøsok Gansmo: The 'girls are computing problem' in Norway 

Tuva Saari: Negotiated stones of information technology 


Vivian Lagesen Berg: Constructions of gender and ICT in Norway and Malaysia

Janne Bromseth: The Internet as arena for identity processes and community building for sexual minorities 

Ulf Mellström: Towards intersectional analyses of masculinities

Parallel session II

Chairs: Jane Summerton and Merete Lie


Cecilia Åsberg: The look of genes. Popular science on display 

Christine Schreiber: The (pre-)history of in vitro fertilisation

Stine Adrian: New stones of creation and technoscientific conceptions 

Diana Mulinari and Kerstin Sandell: Caesarean section on request: Understanding bodily practices in late modernity


Kristin Hestflått: Negotiating parenthood

Shifra Kisch: Translating (genetic) deafness

Isa Dussuage: Diagnosing technology: gender insights in the realm of technified medicine 

Petra Jonvallen: Fat on trial: co-construction of weight-loss pills and obesity in the medical-industrial complex of a clinical trial

Parallel session III

Chairs: Wendy Faulkner and Ann R. Sætnan 


Annika Vänje Rosell: A powerful company - gender and technology in engineering organisations 

Marianne Fostervold: On the road? Negotiations of Discourses of Equality, Gender, and Technical Competence 

Janine Morgall Traulsen: Feminist theory and pharmacy practice 

Ramona Gunter: As Balancing Act and As Game: How Women and Men Science Faculty Experience the Promotion Process 


Margarete Maurers: Gender and Biology: An Austrian Perspective about Innovations, Transformations and Future Research

Ericka Johnson: Brokering practices and the use of medical simulators in the education of medical students 

Elisabeth Kelan: Carpenter or Composer? Conceptualising Competence in ICT-creating Work

May-Britt Öhman: Swedish energy assistance in historical perspective - electricity and progress in Tanzania 1960s to 1990s

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