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Gender, Religion and Change in the Middle East 1800-2000

Conference November 27 - 29, 2003 at the University of Bergen

Thursday 27 November

08.30-09.00: Registration

09.00-09.15: Opening


  • Jenny B. White (Boston University), "The paradox of the New Islamic Woman in Turkey"
  • Leah Shakdiel (Israel), "The Western Wall in Jerusalem - a case study on the cross between nationalism, religion, and gender"
  • Willy Jansen (University of Nijmegen), "Mary in the Middle Eastern Context. Gender and the Revival of a Symbol"



  • Nefissa Naguib (Oslo University College), "Engaging with Transnationalism and Patriarchy; Case studies from Palestine and Egypt"
  • Yohai Hakak (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), "From the Yeshiva to the Army: Masculine Identities and the Jewish Ultra Orthodox Community in Israel"



  • Siba Shakib (Cologne) "Eine Blume für die Frauen aus Kabul" 

Friday 28 November


  • Beth Baron (City University of New York), "Women, Reform and Social Advocacy in Egypt 1900s- 1950s"
  • Heleen Murre-van den Berg (University of Leiden), "Nineteenth-cenntury Protestant Missions and Middle-Eastern Women - An Overview"
  • Ellen Fleischmann (University of Dayton), "Sowing but Not Reaping: Tensions Between Medium and Message in Female Education in Lebanese Mission Schools, 1850-1940"



  • Aleksandra Majstorac Kobiljski (American University of Beirut), "Women Students and Religious Integration at the American University of Beirut 1920s-1960s"
  • Karin Ask (Chr. Michelsen Institute, Bergen), "Caring for the Living and the Souls of the Dead - An analysis of Religious Work Among Afghan Women During Years of War"



  • Azam Torab (University of Cambridge), "Vows, Mediumship and Gender: Women's Votive Meals in Iran"
  • Ingvild Flaskerud (University of Tromsø), "Standard-bearers of Hussein. Women commemorating Karbala"

Saturday 29 November



  • Nahda Younis Shehada (Institute of Social Studies, The Hague), "Uncodified Justice: The Intersection of Customary Practice and Codified Islamic Family Law in Palestine"
  • Benedicte Solheim & Janne Bøe (University of Bergen), "Gendered Strategies and Islamic Piety - A Comparison of Urban and Rural Palestinian Women"
  • Moslih Kanaaneh and Frode Storås (University of Bergen), "Al Karamah - Human Dignity"
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