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Men in Prostitution: Perspectives, Identities and Problems

Conference April 21 - 22, 2005 in Oslo


April 21, 2005

10.00-10.10: Presentation of the conference and the speakers

10.10-10.40: Claus Lautrup: "Danish Internet survey on clients"

10.40-11.10: Ingrid Smette: “Prostitution Clients Dealing with Gender Equality: An analysis of client narratives in a Norwegian Context”

11.20-11.55: Jari Kuosmanen: "Buying sexual services - a question about generation and masculinity"

11.55-12.10: Jan Steinum: "Martin"

12.10-12.30: Plenary discussion

12.30-13.30: Lunch

13.30-14.00: Anthony Pryce: "'Flesh': The historical constructions of male sex work"

14.00-14.45: Joan Phillips: "White women and
black men: an old story continued?"

15.00-15.40: Anne-Maria Marttila: "Intersections of Gender, Sexuality and Ethnicity – A Study of Finnish Male Clients of Prostitution"

15.40-16.00: Plenary discussion

April 22, 2005

10.00-10.10: Introduction of today’s program

10.10-10.40: Jan Egil Aakernes: "Backpackers: Critics and Participants in Sex Tourism"

10.40-11.00: Camilla Jordheim Larsen: “Teenage boys hanging out with men in the neighbourhood”

11.00-11.45: Jackie West: "Men and gender relations in prostitution: the real issue?"

12.00-12.30: Plenary discussion

13.30-14.00: May-Len Skilbrei: “Prostitution in court”

14.00-14.15: Kirsten Stien: "Men who are buying sex, is that also a matter of class and ethnicity?" Don Kulick: "400,000 Swedish perverts" Plenary discussion

15.30-16.00: Closing speech 

The speakers

Claus Lautrup is a Danish sociologist. The Danish Research Centre on Social Vulnerability is publishing a quantitative Internet survey about clients in prostitution. 6.400 Danish men have participated in the survey and have answered questions relating to paying for sex. In addition 25 male clients have been interviewed on the subject. Lautrup will present the main points of his research and will seek to answer the questions as to why some men pay for sex while others don’t. The presentation will focus on answering why, how often, and under what circumstances men buy sex. Also subjects covering clients relation to Danish and foreign women and the client’s need to talk to professionals about their experiences with buying sex, will be discussed in the presentation.

Ingrid Smette is a social anthropologist working at NOVA, Norwegian Social Research. She has previously done research on clients in prostitution. She is currently working with research on youth with immigrant backgrounds and technology. The aim of her paper is to investigate how Norwegian client narratives relate their practices as clients to ideas of gender equality. In a Norwegian context, the dominant image of clients of prostitutes is that of a man violating principles of decency and modern male gender roles.

Dr Jari Kuosmanen is a researcher and lecturer at the Department of Social Work, University of Gothenburg. In his research he has focused on various aspects of men and masculinities. For some years he has been interested in studying men and masculinities, for example Finnish immigrant men in Sweden, men who are sentenced to prison for sexual violence and men who buy sexual services. The study he is planning now is about men in different generations and their thoughts of and attitudes to prostitution and buying sex. Some studies show that there are interesting differences between younger and older sex customers, which you can not only be linked to age. One of his questions is if men born in different decades in Sweden also have developed different kind of masculinities and attitudes, respectively orientations on prostitution.

Jan Steinum is a pictorial artist, educated at the Academy of fine arts in Trondheim, Norway, and at the Academy of fine arts in Prague, Czech Republic. His work consists of sculptures, videos and performances. He wishes to visualize different aspects of sexuality in his work, particularly gay sexuality. Besides working with exhibitions, he has also showed short movies at several Gay and Lesbian film festivals in Europe.

Dr Anthony Pryce is Reader in the Sociology of Sexual Health at City University, London UK. He is developing a programme of research that is addressing sexualities and health across the life course across social structures and discourses around marginalised populations such as prisoners, asylum seekers and sex workers. Current work includes the use of Internet sex chat rooms by men who may use them to rehearse new sexual practices and identities. This paper uses visual imagery to explore themes of aesthetics, transgression and commodification in the histories of male sex work.

Dr Joan Phillips is a research fellow at Policy Studies Institute in London. She has done studies on gender, race and ethnicity, development, Caribbean return migration and sex work in tourism. Her paper explores the nature of the relationship between Barbadian beach boys and white female tourists. She explores the questions: is it love, romance or exploitation? Is this the re-enactment of a colonial story of the white mistress and the black slave?

Anne-Maria Marttila’s ongoing doctoral research project (2003-) examines Finnish male clients of prostitution as users of mainly ‘eastern’ (Russian and Baltic and to some extent, Far Eastern) prostitution. The practices and views of these men are analyzed from the perspectives of feminist studies and critical studies on men. She pays special attention to the ways Finnish clients construct and identify themselves as gendered, sexual and ethnic subjects as well as to men’s practices and networking in prostitution. Marttila is especially interested in the intersections of sexuality and ethnicity within prostitution. The primary source for her study consists of texts from Finnish male prostitution clients and their personal, telephone and e-mail interviews as well as observation of prostitution practices both in Southern Finland and in Tallinn, Estonia.

Jan-Egil Aakernes is a Norwegian sociologist. In his speech Aakernes will talk about a group of tourists who has a self-image as different from other tourist and also in general condemn sex tourism and sex tourists. He will discuss how this group participates in activities they as a rule object to. Aakernes will talk about how this group of people who never will be with a prostitute still ends up in relationships that in many ways can be categorized as prostitution.

Camilla Jordheim Larsen is a Norwegian sociologist. In her speech she will present findings from a recent report on sexual relations on the grey zones between “ordinary” sexuality and prostitution among adolescents at risk. One important observation was that a considerable number of boys, in their mid-teens, visited men who took a sexual interest in them. During visits, the boys were often given money, alcohol, cigarettes etc. Larsen will discuss the power dynamics in such relations and how to conceptualize these experiences.

Jackie West is a sociologist at the University of Bristol. Her research interests are among other things the sociology of sexuality and economic sociology, the sex industry and prostitution and social policy.

Dr May-Len Skilbrei is a researcher at the Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law at the University of Oslo. She is a sociologist and has written several articles on prostitution, both based on an ethnographic study at massage parlors and in street prostitution and on an analysis of prostitution politics in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The paper she will present at the conference is on the portrayal of men and women in Norwegian court cases involving prostitution, particularly in cases concerning pimping and procuring, which is the only part of prostitution relations that is explicitly illegal in Norway.

Kirsten Stien is a Master of educational science and researcher at the Centre of Child Welfare Research in Northern Norway. She has been doing studies on welfare services for children in Sámi societies, and studies of gender in connection to prostitution in a northern context. Studies on men have led to a wider diversity and complexity in descriptions of men, both in media and academia. Class and ethnicity are among the perspectives that give us richer pictures of men's lives. And Stien will explore how this will influence descriptions of men in prostitution in her paper.

Dr Don Kulick is a professor of anthropology at New York University. He is the author of the book "Travesti: Sex, Gender and Culture Among Brazilian Travesti Prostitutes" (University of Chicago Press, 1998). His recent work has focused on discourses of sexuality in Sweden, especially how public discussions and policies on prostitution are about much more than prostitution.

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